So this HGTV Millennial thing has gotten out of control!  Everyone wants new, fresh, turnkey, and cheap!  We know that is not reality.  But our goal should be to get as close as possible to that idea without breaking the bank. 

At Agency1 we have modeled our selling strategy around the ever changing millennial market.  We have created a program that does everything possible to get our listings as close to this idea of HGTV perfection as we can, without having our clients remodel the house!

So what is our program?  Simple.  Step one- Professional staging services.  We use professional designer Tracey Dietz on all of our listings.  She will complete a 1-2 hour walk through of your home giving you professional advice on how to get your house as fresh and  up to date as possible by making small, easy, inexpensive (if any cost at all) changes.  We may even furnish rooms if necessary.  She is absolutely amazing at what she does.  Check her work out here-  Don’t worry- we pay Tracey, not you!

Second- A home cleaning service.  We know you will have enough going on trying to get your home in shape so we decided to offer the services of a cleaning professional to come and make sure your home is sparkling and ready to go!  Once again, our cost-not yours.

Third- Professional photography.  Tom Marasco is a professional photographer in the Rochester area.  He handles all of the photography for our listings.  His work speaks for itself.  Check it out here.    Again, our cost, not yours!

Fourth- We have a truly exceptional marketing campaign.  Of course you will get your home on all of the search engines like Zillow,, etc.  But we go much further than that.  We run a targeted social media campaign that will have a reach and engagement of up to 20,000 people in the Rochester area.  And not just anybody, but those targeted by analytics as possible home buyers.  We will also conduct a massive email blast along with several hundred mailings.  We figure if we have done such a fabulous job getting your home ready to sell, we better make sure a lot of people see it!

Finally and most importantly- a successful real estate agent who will be there for you.  One of our main goals at Agency1 is to bring the importance of customer service back into play when selling houses.  This has long been lost by many agents and we have made it a pillar of our company to make sure our clients come first.  You will not be just a number to us.  When you call, you will get an answer or a call back THAT DAY!  Not a day later or a week later or when it is too late.  Your comfort and ease will be in the fore front of this process. 

The goal of our selling program is to get your home sold fast and for the highest price possible.  Like what you hear?  I hope so.  If you have any questions at all please feel free to give us a call at 721-9410 or just fill out a question box on our site.